Clients in the News

Posted on: 05-31-2018


At Moss Networks we champion the talent and passion of the companies we serve by securing them opportunities with media outlets that enable them to reach their target audiences. Earlier this month, Forbes featured one of our clients in an interview discussing the evolution of the CFO. More recently, we placed an article in VentureBeat for a client who’s a leader in e-commerce fraud protection. Check out the rest of our “Clients in the News” round up to see what we’ve been up to.


5847e9aacef1014c0b5e4828A Seat at the Table: Why the CFO’s Role is More Crucial Than Ever – Forbes


VentureBeat-logoAs Machine Learning Evolves, We Need to Update the Definition of ‘Data Scientist’ – VentureBeat


downloadThe Age of New Tariffs and the Challenges Ahead – CEO Today


FEIcorporate_www_pms_all blueImproving What-If Scenario Testing: A Q&A With Centage’s David Winterhalter – FEI


headerGetting the CIO/CFO Relationship Right – IndustryWeek


logo-totalretail-x2How Visa’s New Chargeback Rules Will Help Merchants Fight E-Commerce Fraud – Total Retail

PJ_Logo_stackedChargebacks – PaymentJournal Podcast


Retail-Touchpoints-logo-sq-578x200Three E-Commerce Fraud Challenges to Beat in 2018 – Retail Touch Points


download (1)Without The Right Data, CNP Fraud Protection Could Be Out of Reach – CSO


PJ_Logo_stackedBiometric Customer Authentication is Hot Right Now, but It’s Not a Cure-All for CNP Fraud – PaymentsJournal


Retail-Touchpoints-logo-sq-578x200Prevention Is More Than Just Security – Here’s How It Helps Retailers Get & Keep Customers – Retail Touch Points Blog

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