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Posted on: 01-23-2019

The start of the year is an opportunity for businesses to revisit their PR and marketing goals and adjust accordingly. We’ve worked closely with both old and new clients to plan for the year ahead, developing comprehensive strategies that incorporate tools such as social media, content marketing, features, and thought leadership. We’re excited to have kicked off 2019 on such a high note, gaining them coverage on wish-list media outlets. To see all the recent content we’ve placed for our clients, just check out our roundup below.


MDMove Over SaaS – Why Containerization is Headed For the Marketing World


aqO2gVpMBwzteRl7mkWInlksLv2sy8w5VN8tRVNN – 7 Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2019



logo-totalretail-x2 – 8 Questions to Ask Before Migrating to a New Commerce Platform (Part 1)


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.44.30 PM – Without Marketing Strategy, the LUMAscape is One Hand Clapping


logo-targetmarketingmag-x2 – When It Comes to Targeting, Artificial Intelligence Isn’t a Panacea


at – Beyond Forecasting: Why CFOs Need to Stress Test Plans



logo-totalretail-x2 – 8 Questions to Ask Before Migrating to a New Commerce Platform (Part 2)


download – When Budget Season Ends, What-If Season Begins



850_b735acbe1f6b26c06539b67dcedc0478The Business Plan is Complete, But Has It Been Socialized?



FEIcorporate_www_pms_all blue – What Are the FP&A Tools of the Future?


at – Forecasting in the Age of Big Data



Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.44.30 PM – 4 Building Blocks to Help Your Brand’s SEO Strategy Succeed



gbaf-logoR – Five Trends That Will Affect Financial Teams in 2019



business-com – How AI That Passes the Turing Test Can Benefit Your Business



site_logo_gray – Business Internal Systems Must Be Aligned to Succeed



Capture2 – It’s Open Season: How Healthcare Companies Can Boost Their Membership


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