Social Media Takes Event Planning to the Next Level

Posted on: 03-10-2011

We all know the importance of social networking by now, however few companies are effectively utilizing social media to maximize their event marketing efforts. Companies need to further integrate social media channels into their planning efforts to ensure that the momentum and buzz generated by corporate events have a greater impact than just the event itself. Simple things like a Facebook fan page with a custom event tab or a LinkedIn group can give your users direct information on event details, who is attending and other event promotions. In my time with Event Management Singapore I learned that this integration will, in turn, increase your company’s fan base and customer reach, and generate more awareness for your brand and provide greater prospects for future business. Read more

Your event can become a catalyst to reaching your target audience and delivering your marketing message without undertaking huge media buys or depleting your precious marketing budget. Your social media efforts enable you to communicate your messages in a fun and indirect way that engages your readers and is far more cost effective than traditional advertising channels. Everyone wants to know about a party or event taking place, especially when it is industry related, so it’s easier to gain the attention of users. Once you have their attention with your event promotion, it’s up to you to keep them engaged and continue building on the relationship you have now created.

Some of the greatest value comes once the event has concluded – you now have an entirely new community and fan base that you didn’t before, allowing you the ability to expand your communication and start enrolling them in other marketing messages and get the word out for your company via their friends and networks.

Social media has become an integral part of the marketing strategies for b-to-b companies, with  62.6% of marketers planning to increase their spending on such channels this year according to BtoB Magazine’s 2011 outlook survey (BtoB Magazine, Jan 17, 2011).  So it makes sense for companies to really start thinking about their events in a whole new way. Many times we have heard companies say “I am not sure if I see the ROI in doing this event for my company,” and the truth is, if you don’t do it right, there really is little to no ROI. But if you can utilize the available channels to promote your event and compliment your overall marketing goals, you will increase the longevity of the event’s affect in the areas of prospect reach, company branding, and client retention, which will all work together to make the highest impact on your bottom line.

In addition to utilizing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn Groups and Twitter, an important component is enrolling key industry bloggers or media outlets to tap into their fans and followers and help spread the word about your event. Having their endorsement and the attention of their loyal followers can be a powerful tool that should go hand in hand with anything you do on your own.

When executed properly, this coupling of social marketing and public relations strategies creates a strong synergy that will naturally build on one another and will allow you to take your event marketing to next level and see the rewards come rolling in.

At a time when budgets are tight and every dollar spent is scrutinized, it has never been more important to optimize your event marketing efforts with aggressive social media efforts and plan an integrated approach to your next event so that the impact is felt long after your event concludes and you can see the growth from these strategies.

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