Guest Post from Trumpia: 5 Reasons You Need to Embrace Mobile Marketing

By Sophorn Chhay, Inbound marketing Specialist at Trumpia

As any marketer knows, you need to change and adapt to stay competitive. If mobile is not a significant part of your marketing strategy by now, you may be at risk of falling behind. Here are a few reasons to embrace mobile now:

1. People spend more time on mobile than desktop.
Mobile isn’t just catching up with desktop. It’s soared past it. According to Mary Meeker’s ‘State of mobile marketing’ report, people now spend 51% of their time online on mobile, versus 42% desktop. The transition to digital marketing means that marketers have learned to cater to consumer habits and approach prospects where they spend their time. And, as that place increasingly becomes the mobile realm, marketers need to keep up.

2. Mobile is essential for local brick and mortar businesses.
When people are out and about, they have their mobile phones with them. And, they use their phone to do research on purchases while they’re on the go. Getting in touch through apps, SMS coupons and other methods can increase your chances of getting them to step through your door. You can create an app that allows you to send a message when…

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