Bonnie Moss Featured in PaymentsJournal: US Branding for International Payments Businesses

The President and Founder of Moss Networks, Bonnie Moss, created an article “What International Payments Businesses Need to Know about Branding in the US” that was published in PaymentsJournal this month.The article details what international payments businesses need to know about branding themselves to a US audience. Bonnie discusses how these businesses can use their offshore expertise to win US clients, as long as they tailor their marketing strategies to the needs and concerns of the US merchant audience.  To be most effective, she argues, businesses must build their brands in the US starting from scratch and demonstrate expertise, build trust, and establish authority.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE

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Master your next web redesign with these simple tips

Most businesses need to redo their website at some point to refine their message, reach a new audience, or make the site easier to use. Developing and launching a new site has a lot in common with remodeling your physical business. In both cases, your goal is to create the best possible space for doing business. That requires careful planning and ongoing communication with the agency handling your site redesign. Here are eight best practices we recommend, based on our experiences helping clients make the most of their websites.


  1. Set your goals before you begin and refer to them as you go. Your agency will base the redesign on these goals, so spend as much time as you need goal-setting with your company’s decisionmakers and your agency before you move ahead. When questions arise during the design process, use the goals to guide your answers.
  2. Focus on what your audience wants. In most cases, this means refocusing your site content on customer benefits, with technical features taking a supporting role. Businesses sometimes struggle with this step, especially those that offer technical or complex services and products. Remember, potential customers visit your site to learn what your business can do for them….
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Bonnie Moss Speaks on NBC News Radio!

We were so excited that our President and Founder, Bonnie Moss, was invited to speak on the BizNinja program on NBC News Radio this past February. BizNinja is a live radio program that discusses every facet of entrepreneurship and running a business. Bonnie was invited onto the program to discuss the purpose of Public Relations, impact it can have for your business and offer tips for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to grow their businesses. As an entrepreneur herself, Bonnie has built up Moss Networks on the foundation of helping other entrepreneurs and businesses alike grow and expand their brand with targeted media strategies.

Check out our BizNinja in action, listen to the segment here!

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